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Market Crossings – Plotting a course through the Preston Markets, Book & Documentary Launch

Australian cultural identity is evolving & diversifying at breakneck pace and no where is this more evident than the Preston Market. For 40 years it has been one of the first ports of call for new arrivals, cutting across socio-economic divisions and now it is faced with a development revamp. MARKET CROSSINGS is a searing & colourful look into the gentrification of Melbourne’s most vibrant cultural melting pot.

“Hundreds of thousands of lines of movement and history, criss-crossing in every which direction, with the Preston Market sitting square in the middle.” – Victoria Stead

MARKET CROSSINGS is a collection of stories & testimonies by the traders & patrons of the Preston Market alongside researched insights into the social functions of live markets. This publication was developed over two years during the Market Value project, an innovative cultural development project which enabled participants to express shared values.

The documentary film included in the book captures character portraits of small business owners & employees, the figurative economic canaries in the coal mine. During the global financial crisis as the traders struggle to keep their roller doors open, the developers are forced to temporarily suspend their multi million dollar plans.

This new book has been published by Breakdown Press and produced by TRAX Arts. First released paperback, 10 April 2010  ISBN 978 0 64652 753 6


Saturday 10th April

11am : Greeting & Launch
11.30am : Premiere Screening of Market Crossing documentary

Preston Market
Melbourne, Victoria

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For more information contact:
Bindi Green 0466 280 385
[email protected]

Market Crossings MEDIA RELEASE (Click to download PDF)

*Starting 12 April, limited copies of the book will be available to order online at and

Market Crossings Book Credits

Producers: TRAX, Tara Prowse & Brian Cohen
Editor: Lou Smith (Breakdown Press)
Designer: Tom Sevil (Breakdown Press)
Writer & Researcher: Victoria Stead
Project Manager: Emanuela Savini
Photography: Brendon Mikronis, Brian Cohen,
Sophia Di Venuto, Tom Sevil, Lou Smith, Nico Keenan
Contributing Material: Simon Ly, Stuart Liddell,
Charandev Singh, Dona Poon, Ufouk, Gary Edge, Rosemary
Russell, Tara Prowse, Brian Cohen, Emanuela Savini
Illustrator: M P Fikaris

The Peace Posters – Breakdown Poster Series #4

Hi everyone out there … spread the word.

We’re putting together another Breakdown Poster Series! And this time we’re seeking posters about PEACE.

It’s an interesting time to be reflecting on Australia’s role in international politics, particularly in light of the upcoming visit by the US President Barack Hussein Obama. Australia is still involved in wars of aggression in the Middle East where military interventions are still being enacted. Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, where incidentally a US base is located, are also being subjected to interventionist policies.

This is a great chance for designers, artists and writers to work towards creating a peaceful future. Hopefully these posters will end up on bedroom walls, in workplaces, streets, shopfronts and schools!

Artists and designers are encouraged to use writing and statistics from academics, historians, poets, scientists, activists and song writers in their poster designs. We want to see stencils, printmaking, illustration, painting, typography, photography and collage in poster designs. Think handmade.

So get crackin’ and send ya work in before 1st May!

PEACE POSTERS #4 callout (click to download PDF)
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Wanted: Graphic Artists & Writers
to Create Poster Designs for Social Change.

Seeking poster designs to be published on the following fascinating topics:

• Peace Building

• The Arms Trade

• Redirection of Resources Towards a Peaceful Society

• Militarisation of Everday Life

• Global Harmony

• Human & Environmental Impact of War

Submissions due by: 1st MAY 2010

For publication:
Black & White or Colour
Printed A2 Newsprint
(42cm x 59.4cm)

To find out more about this project email us at: [email protected]

email: JPGs to [email protected]
post: CD or artwork to PO Box 1283 Carlton VIC 3053

Order copies of our 3 previous Poster Series – The Stolenwealth Posters, The Breakdown Posters and The Nuclear Posters. Currently only available through mail order though our website.

With thanks to the Graham F. Smith Peace Trust for financial support for this project!!

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Friendly places to buy “How to Make Trouble and Influence People” – Support Indie bookstores!

Friendly Stores selling “How to Make Trouble and Influence People”.

If you would like to sell copies of the book through your bookstore, community organisation or distro email us at [email protected]

STICKY, Degraves St Subway under Flinders St, Melbourne
BRUNSWICK BOUND, 361 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
AVENUE BOOKSTORE, 127 Dundas Place, Albert Park
DYMOCKS CAMBERWELL, Shop 113-114 The Well at Camberwell, 793 Burke Road, Camberwell,
LOCAL and GLOBAL, 1669 Burwood Highway, Belgrave
MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY BOOKSHOP, Baillieu Library Building, Melbourne University, Parkville Campus
THE PAPERBACK BOOKSHOP, 60 Bourke St, Melbourne
POLYESTER BOOKS, 330 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
READINGS, 309 Lygon St Carlton, 701 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn and 112 Acland St, St Kilda
WOLF AT THE DOOR, 113 Main Street, Hepburn Springs
FRIENDS OF THE EARTH BOOKSHOP, 312 Smith St, Collingwood
THE GREVILLE ST BOOKSTORE, 145 Greville St, Prahran
ARTISAN BOOKS, 159 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
NEW INTERNATIONAL BOOKSHOP, Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton South
COLLECTORS CORNER, 240 Swanston Walk, Melbourne
SUN BOOKSHOP, 10 Ballarat St, Yarraville
ENRIQUE ECOSTORE, 168a Liebig St Warrnambool
MISSING LINK, Basement 405 Bourke Street, Melbourne
SHOP SUI, 227 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

GLEEBOOKS, 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
BERKELOUW, 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown
FEMINIST BOOKSHOP, Shop 9, Orange Grove Plaza, Balmain Rd, Lilyfield
MCA STORE, Circular Quay Foyer, Level 1, Museum of Contemporary Art, West Circular Quay, The Rocks
JURA, 440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham North
BRAYS BOOKS BALMAIN, 268 Darling Street, Balmain
BETTER READ THAN DEAD, 265 King Street, Newtown
THE HILL OF CONTENT, 275 Darling St, Balmain

ALEC (Arid Lands Environment Centre), 17 John Cumming Plaza, Todd Mall, Alice Springs

AVID READER, 193 Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane

PAPERCHAIN BOOKSTORE, 34 Franklin Street, Manuka


DARK HORSEY, The Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace (West End) Adelaide
IMPRINTS BOOKSELLERS, 107 Hindley St, Adelaide
NEW INTERNATIONALIST, 28 Austin Street, Adelaide (
DYNAMIC DUO COMICS, Shop 15, City Centre Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

SYDNEY BOOK LAUNCH of How To Make Trouble and Influence People + Red Rattler Party

Book launch THURSDAY the 3rd December 2009 –  upstairs at the Berkelouw Cafe and Bookshop Newtown, 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown, 6pm-8pm. Entry is free and speakers include the book’s author Iain McIntyre as well as Dr Meredith Burgmann, Mother Inferior (Order of Perpetual Indulgence) and Simon Hunt (Pauline Pantsdown).

Launch party SATURDAY the 5th December – at the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St Marrickville, 8pm-midnight. Entry is $10 and speakers will include Iain McIntyre, Rachel Evans (No To Pope Coalition) and Dave Burgess (who painted No War on the Opera House in 2003) plus projections, DJs and live music from Lee Memorial (Melbourne, ex Sodastream), Bare Arms and NinetyNine (Melbourne). The first 50 payers get a free Rock Against Bullshit XMas CD featuring Yuletide odes from the bands and more.

Welcome to the world of Breakdown Press.


There has been lots of action here at Breakdown Press and we are so excited to be launching our new book “How to Make Trouble and Influence People” written by Iain McIntyre.

This book is a collected and expanded edition of the publication of the same name, the original version of which came out in 1996 as an 80-page, self-published zine documenting and celebrating Australian political pranking and creative direct action. It proved to be a modest success and was reprinted a number of times by anarchist collective Scam Publications before spawning two sequels, “How To Stop Whining And Start Living” in 1999 and “Revenge Of The Troublemaker” in 2003. With all of these publications long out of print Iain has, with the aid of us here at Breakdown Press Tom Sevil and Lou Smith, brought together the best of the material from the first three books along with hundreds of new listings, interviews, and graphics. “How to make Trouble and Influence People” will be launched in Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne and more cities soon. Keep an eye on our homepage for details.

Also take a look around a new website for directions on how to order previous publications and for info about our upcoming poster series The Peace Posters. More details coming soon on how to contribute artworks and designs to this new poster series.

How to Make Trouble and Influence People – New Book!

This book reveals Australia’s radical past through tales of Indigenous resistance, convict revolts and escapes, picket line hi-jinks, student occupations, creative direct action, media pranks, urban interventions, squatting, blockades, banner drops, street theatre and billboard liberation; including stories and anecdotes, interviews with pranksters and troublemakers, and over 300 spectacular photos documenting the vital history of creative resistance in this country.

Written, compiled and researched by Iain McIntyre.

Additional research and editing by Lou Smith.

Book design and Photo Editing by Tom Sevil.

Book available October 12 for RRP: $29.95 (Aus)

Published by Breakdown Press, 2009

270 pages 210mm x 206mm, 48 colour pages.

Printed in Australia on recycled paper using vegetable based inks.

ISBN: 9780980415117

Foreword by Andrew Hansen from The Chaser.

14 interviews with Australian Troublemakers:

John Safran, Pauline Pantsdown, Dave Burgess, The Chaser, Buga-Up, Grevillea, Kevin Buzzacott, Meredith Burgmann, Deborah Kelly, Order of Perpetual Indulgence, Stuart Highway, John Howard Ladies’ Auxiliary Fan Club, No To Pope Coalition and The Graffiti Games Organising Committee.

What people have said about the book:

“If you’ve ever thought of speaking out about an issue or have idly wondered what you could do to make the world a better place, this is the book for you! Fascinating interviews, quirky historical snippets and stunning photos chronicling all the Australians who have made a difference and who have done so with courage, audacity and a lot of humour! Keep it on your desk at work for all those moments when you need some inspiration, a bit of hope or just a good laugh.”
Jill Sparrow (Co-author Radical Melbourne 1 & 2)

“A fascinating recovery of Australia’s neglected past and a worthy inspiration to today’s would-be troublemakers.”
Sean Scalmer (Author of The Little History of Australian Unionism and Dissent Events: Protest, The Media and the Political Gimmick in Australia)

Extracts from the book:

“Who’s to define what’s funny, what’s clever, what’s offensive? Politicians, talkback presenters and current affairs reporters seem to think the job’s up to them. But the truth is the job’s up to all of us.”
Andrew Hansen, The Chaser, from the Foreword.

“The APEC stunt was one of those days when you just get lucky. The odds of getting into the official APEC restricted zones were extremely slim, but we were all determined to give it a crack. The massive security measures had been a big news story, as well as a major inconvenience to Sydneysiders, so we thought it might be interesting to see how tight the security really was. We came up with a couple of ideas to try to gain access to the restricted areas: one was to “accidentally” drift into the restricted water zone on a pool pony; the other was to try to drive in by pretending to be one of the official motorcades attending the conference.”
Chris Taylor, from The Chaser interview

“The fantastic thing was that it actually stopped the game. I think we were the only people to stop the game. Africans listening to it in South Africa have told me since how exciting it was for them to listen to that happening on the radio. It was, in retrospect, a very proud moment. At the time I didn’t think of it as anything terribly huge, but I think in the scheme of things it was pretty important.”
Meredith Burgmann, reflecting on the anti-apartheid movement in the 1970s and the actions at the South African Springbok rugby team tour.

“Well, the people I knew generally used paint filled eggs. They were pretty good.  You could get a pretty decent throw with those. Other people used balloons but they weren’t as easy… I heard of one guy who had adapted the back of a panel van so that he could open the back doors of the van and he had this catapult in the back and he could hit quite high billboards with this method.  Mediaeval… and quite large paint bombs. I seem to remember that I have seen the results of his work and they were quite high and very effective. He was a very good aim.”
TOFU, from the BUGA-UP (Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions) interview


Iain McIntyre

Iain McIntyre is a Melbourne-based writer and community radio broadcaster. In the late 1980s he was involved in anti-racist and environmental activism in Perth, Western Australia where he also co-edited his first publication Freakzine and presented a number of music shows for 6UVS/RTRfm.

In 1992 Iain moved to Melbourne where he continued his activism and began co-editing the Melbourne-based fanzine Woozy with Laura MacFarlane. Woozy ran for the best part of a decade and brought DIY currents around music, politics and comics together in the one publication. Twenty Two issues, involving over 100 contributors, were produced and more than 20 benefits and launches held. Woozy also spawned Choozy which distributed a number of zines and musical works in the late 1990s.

In 1996 Iain began contributing to, and later co-hosted, Community Radio 3CR’s Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves (SUWA) show. 3CR published Wild About You: Tales From the Australian Rock Underground, 1963-68 in 2004, a book which was co-written with Ian Marks. In 2005 Iain produced the Australian Troublemakers’ Calendar as a benefit for the SUWA show. The following year the station financed a higher-end version and a collective was formed to produce and nationally distribute the Seeds of Dissent Calendar, which is now in its fifth year. Iain continues to provide an Australian radical date for each day of the year and also produces occasional programmes focusing on music and radical history.

The first volume of How To Make Trouble and Influence People, which gave rise to three sequels and this book, came out in 1996 under the pseudonym of the Question Mark Collective. Since 2003 Iain has run Homebrew Press which has self-published three of his books (Revenge of the Troublemaker, Disturbing The Peace: Tales From Australia’s Rebel History and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: The AIDEX ’91 Story) and two of his pamphlets (Up Against The Wall Motherfucker! and Lock Out The Landlords: Anti-Eviction Resistance, 1929-36). In 2006 Wakefield Press published a collection Iain edited entitled Tomorrow Is Today: Australia In The Psychedelic Era, 1966-70.

Over the years Iain has also played in a number of bands, including Ninetynine, The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers and The Hatchets, and contributed to more than 40 publications. He continues to reside in Melbourne with his partner and child.

Breakdown Press

Breakdown Press has been producing posters, zines and anthologies since 2004, bringing together the work of Australian and International DIY artists and writers. To date publications include: Scrapbook to Somewhere, The Stolenwealth Posters, The Breakdown Posters, The Nuclear Posters, Civilian Sticker Packs, Civilians Unite, Mining and the zine anthology YOU: some letters from the first five years. We aim to produce ethically printed and affordable publications. Breakdown Press was founded by street artist and activist graphic designer Tom Sevil and poet and community radio presenter Lou Smith, both of whom have a longstanding involvement within the zine, street art, and alternative media communities.

The imagination, never domination.

For more details on previous and forthcoming titles please go to:

Market Crossings


In November 2008, an exciting community-based arts project called Market Value took place in the Preston Market, Melbourne. Facilitated by Trax Art, traders, patrons and young people developed and performed a live theatre show and were involved in a multimedia exhibition in the heart of the Market.  In conjuction with the people of Preston Market and Trax Art, Breakdown Press will be publishing Market Crossings in late 2009, a book documenting the Market Value Project and celebrating the Preston Markets. More information soon!

The Nuclear Posters

NuclearPosters7-Aris“The Nuclear Posters” are still available for the cheap price of $15 (Retailing at $25 in shops). Featuring 17 poster designs, 7 x A2 and 10 x A3 posters, printed in full-colour on 100% recycled paper using vegie-based inks. Our 3rd poster series brings together a powerful collection of posters by artists, designers and writers breaking down the nuclear industry in Australia.

Breakdown Press Poster Series #3

THE NUCLEAR POSTERS contains 17 intelligent, provocative and affecting political posters within one beautiful publication. Breakdown Press has published this powerful collection of posters by artists, designers and writers breaking down the nuclear industry in Australia and celebrating creative dissent. Published at a time when the Howard-led Liberal Government was taking Australia down the nuclear path with the pedal to the metal in the lead-up to the 2007 Federal Election, THE NUCLEAR POSTERS brought together the work of committed artists and campaigners to spark debate about the role of the nuclear cycle in Australia. The posters chosen for this publication build on the history of the political poster movement and act as an oppositional force to this vicious nuclear cycle.


ARTISTS: Aris Prabawa | Arlene TextaQueen | Benny Zable | Bretton Bartleet | Deborah Kelly | Graeme Dunstan | Jessie Boylan | Josh MacPhee | Kevin Buzzacott | Lou Smith | Mathew Kneebone | MITCH | Peter Kneebone | Rodney Dekker | Rose Turtle Ertler | Russell Kerr | Simon Bent | Tim Growcott | Tom Civil | Van Thanh Rudd

Breakdown Press in conjunction with JBSeed (John Butler’s philanthropic arts fund) chose two posters from The Nuclear Posters for an oversized A0 rock poster campaign in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in the lead-up to the Federal Election.

We have created a flickr account with heaps of great photos of recent Breakdown happenings, check it out!