Market Crossings – Plotting a course through the Preston Markets, Book & Documentary Launch

Australian cultural identity is evolving & diversifying at breakneck pace and no where is this more evident than the Preston Market. For 40 years it has been one of the first ports of call for new arrivals, cutting across socio-economic divisions and now it is faced with a development revamp. MARKET CROSSINGS is a searing & colourful look into the gentrification of Melbourne’s most vibrant cultural melting pot.

“Hundreds of thousands of lines of movement and history, criss-crossing in every which direction, with the Preston Market sitting square in the middle.” – Victoria Stead

MARKET CROSSINGS is a collection of stories & testimonies by the traders & patrons of the Preston Market alongside researched insights into the social functions of live markets. This publication was developed over two years during the Market Value project, an innovative cultural development project which enabled participants to express shared values.

The documentary film included in the book captures character portraits of small business owners & employees, the figurative economic canaries in the coal mine. During the global financial crisis as the traders struggle to keep their roller doors open, the developers are forced to temporarily suspend their multi million dollar plans.

This new book has been published by Breakdown Press and produced by TRAX Arts. First released paperback, 10 April 2010  ISBN 978 0 64652 753 6


Saturday 10th April

11am : Greeting & Launch
11.30am : Premiere Screening of Market Crossing documentary

Preston Market
Melbourne, Victoria

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Market Crossings MEDIA RELEASE (Click to download PDF)

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Market Crossings Book Credits

Producers: TRAX, Tara Prowse & Brian Cohen
Editor: Lou Smith (Breakdown Press)
Designer: Tom Sevil (Breakdown Press)
Writer & Researcher: Victoria Stead
Project Manager: Emanuela Savini
Photography: Brendon Mikronis, Brian Cohen,
Sophia Di Venuto, Tom Sevil, Lou Smith, Nico Keenan
Contributing Material: Simon Ly, Stuart Liddell,
Charandev Singh, Dona Poon, Ufouk, Gary Edge, Rosemary
Russell, Tara Prowse, Brian Cohen, Emanuela Savini
Illustrator: M P Fikaris