The Breakdown Posters

Breakdown Press is proud to present BREAKDOWN PRESS POSTER SERIES #2.

A powerful collection of posters by artists, designers and writers breaking down corporate-led globalisation and celebrating creative dissent.

Breakdown Poster Series #2 features work from individual artists and arts collectives, from Australia, Indonesia and North America. These artists have used embroidery, woodcuts, illustration, collage, computer-generated trickery, cut ‘n paste, screen printing and scratchboard techniques in producing their newsprint poster designs. The limited edition cover poster was printed by Big Fag Press, an artist-run printing co-operative based in Sydney, Australia. Some of the artists have worked in collaboration. Some have worked alone. Together they have produced this publication.

At a time when the role of creative activism is as vital as ever, these posters help to breakdown feelings of despair, analyse corporate agendas and provide some hope in a increasingly concreted and controlled world. These posters were published by Breakdown Press in Melbourne November 2006, to coincide with the G20 Summit and the Carnival against Capitalism protests.

Artists: Clara Tzara, Marcsta, Stephen Walker, Bretton Bartleet, Boo, ToFu, Marc Martin, Paul Kalemba (aka thinblackline), Josh MacPhee (, Aconk Qoyyum (Taring Padi), Emma Davidson & Jonathan Stilts, Edwin Vazquez, Iain McIntyre, Tom Civil, Rachel Peachey (, Russell Kerr, Eric Drooker, and The Beehive Design Collective.

Writers: anwyn, TT0, Asha Bee (Permablitz), Karina Smith, Dr Ash (This is Not Radio), Ben (DIY House Gigs), Darren, Lou Smith.

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BULK NEWSPAPER SETS: 5 copies for $20 ($4 each), 20 copies for $60 ($3 each) , 50 copies for $125 ($2.50 each)

$10 each BREAKDOWN POSTER PACK that includes: LIMITED EDITION COVER, Newspaper set,

and screenprinted poster!

$7 each individual BLACK & PINK A1 sized BREAKDOWN COVER POSTER (rolled not folded)


Left: Photo of Aconk’s poster on placard in front of riot police at G20 Protest.  •  The Breakdown Posters limited edition cover, printed by Big Fag Press • Photos from the poster paste-up in Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBD and from the Breakdown Posters Launch at A Space Outside. To see more photos of the launch check out:, held up by Dave.




Aconk Qoyyum

Taring Padi in Bahasa Indonesia refers to the sharp tip, or  teeth,  of the rice plant. For the members of the Taring Padi Artists collective it is a metaphor for people power. The collective creates posters and murals, publishes a newsletter, and participates in street performance with puppets, poetry, and musical groups.

The Beehive Design Collective

The Beehive Design Collective is rooted in rural Eastern Maine, but are a very decentralised swarm. There are usually six backbone bees at any given time, with a current count of twenty eight total, and many other autonomous pollinators scattered throughout the Americas that have small pieces of the Beehive s work integrated into their own individual activist efforts &. and countless other folks functioning as individual researchers and storytellers! At this point in their evolution, their organism is entirely volunteer run. They have no queen, and make decisions by modified consensus process. The priorities for their work are set by the requests they receive from collaborators, audiences, and their advisory bees & aiming to stay flexible and organic enough to respond to current events, and mass-pollination opportunities.
[email protected] |


is a granny disguised as a butchfag, plumbing terrorist.

Bretton Bartleet

Bretton has always passionately pursued work and projects that seek to both benefit the wider-community and aggressively hustle for social-change, culminating in his current position as Art Director of The Big Issue magazine. [email protected]

Clara Tzara

Clara Tzara is an Adelaide based activist/artist who uses sculpture, collage, street art, culture jamming and zines. The skewing of familiar imagery and satire are common threads, prompted by consumer culture, corporate marketing and politics. Tzara is particularly interested in media portrayals of body image, materialism and militarism. Generally she exhibits this work in informal and transgressive settings. Her favourite pastimes are riding her bike, lampooning Barbie dolls and playing with scissors and glue.

Edwin Vazquez

Edwin attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, USA. He has been involved in some fundraising shows that included the Daniel McGowan Fundraiser auction held at ABC No RIO, NYC. Edwin has also self-published zine magazines and attended SPX in Maryland, USA 2006. Edwin has also worked on album artwork for GC Records.

Emma Davidson and Jonathan Stilts

Emma and Jonathan are involved in web design and interactive art projects including  your space  doodle project as part of This Is Not Art Festival. |

Eric Drooker

To see more of Eric s work and to read some fascinating interviews with him go to his website where there are also many of his artworks available at print resolution for non-profit projects.

Iain McIntyre

Iain primarily writes about music and history and where possible tries to make a little of it too. So far he has succeeded in the former and is still working on the latter.

Josh MacPhee

Josh is an artist and activist based in the United States. For the past decade he has created art and organized around issues such as prisons, housing and counter-globalisation, as well as being involved in the anarchist movement. He is currently part of the Street Art Workers collective and helps run a political art distribution website at  [email protected] |

Marc Martin

Marc Martin is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.


Rachel Peachey

Rachel works mostly with Paul Mosig as The Contextual Villains using mixed media approaches to look at human relationships, with each other and with the various environments we live in. They enjoy the challenges of collaboration, and have worked extensively with other artists, scientists and rural communities to focus on these types of issues. [email protected] |

Paul Kalemba AKA thinblackline

Russell Kerr

Currently Russell is Honours Coordinator at RMIT s Design Consultancy practice The Works. The position allows Russell to work with some of Australia s emerging young designers and encourage socially responsible practice. |

Stephen Walker

After studying at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane Stephen began developing his abilities as an artist and designer, balancing Centrelink and freelance work. During this time he was part of a collective called Wastepaper Book with friends he met at QCA. It was a self-funded publication, $150 buying a spread to do what you like. While he was an employee at Artworkers Alliance he was also the designer for Machine, featuring reviews on the Brisbane gallery scene. Stephen s a recent arrival from Brisbane, coming to Melbourne for a chance to design The Big Issue magazine for two months in February 06. He s still a freelance contributor to the magazine at the same time as working as a designer at Sense, enjoying Melbourne and trying to stay creative. [email protected]

The Big FAG Press

The Big FAG Press is a DIY printing collective in Sydney who use a spunky offset printer to produce posters and short run artworks.


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