The Nuclear Posters

NuclearPostersBreakdown Poster Series #3

17 Posters that speak different.

Breakdown Press is proud to present THE NUCLEAR POSTERS!

A powerful collection of posters by artists, designers and writers breaking down the nuclear industry in Australia and celebrating creative dissent.

Published at a time when the Howard-led Liberal Government is taking Australia down the nuclear path with the pedal to the metal in the lead-up to the 2007 Federal Election, The Nuclear Posters brings together the work of committed artists and campaigners to spark debate about the role of the nuclear cycle in Australia. We were honoured to receive so many provocative, intelligent and affecting poster designs for this series.

We hope the posters chosen for this publication will build on the history of the political poster movement and act as an oppositional force to this vicious nuclear cycle.

7 x A2 and 10 x A3 posters printed in full colour on 100% recycled paper using vegiebased inks at Arena Printing.

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Above: As part of this project rock posters were put up in major cities around the country  in the lead up to the 2007 Federal Election.


ARIS PRABAWA grew up in Solo in Central Java, Indonesia, in a tight, communal community of immediate and extended family built on sharing and helping one another. The society within which they lived was controlled by a military dictatorship which was oppressive, violent, sexist and unjust. He moved in 1994 to Yogyakarta, and in 1995 began a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in print making at the Indonesian Institute of Art. In 1998 he was involved in establishing the art collective Taring Padi (fang of the rice plant). This collective used art as a tool for social change and as a way to share and explore political ideas, communicate with others and build new and creative ways of living. He is currently both a practising artist and a student living in Lismore NSW.

ARLENE TEXTAQUEEN likes her tips felt. She spends her life as a marker superheroine, exposing real women and queer performers, un-dressed-up in accessories and surrounds of their own desire.

It was from New York City September 1979 at NO NUKES concerts, protest actions and forums that BENNY ZABLE became acutely aware of the end game of the Nuclear Industry. Back in Australia he developed the GREEDOZER AND COMPANY character from crude beginnings at bush protest camps to presently performing THE TOXIC TOWER installation.

BRETTON BARTLEET has always passionately pursued work and projects that seek to both benefi t the wider-community and aggressively hustle for social-change, culminating in his current position as Art Director of The Big Issue magazine.

DEBORAH KELLY has been making political art since joyful beginnings as a teenage feminist cartoonist in the early 80 s. Her ongoing project examines the intersections of

religion with politics:

In 1972 GRAEME DUNSTAN, by then a long time student peace activist, went to the tropical north coast of NSW in search of a site for a counter cultural dreaming. In May 1973 Graeme co-directed Nimbin[1]ºs Aquarius Festival. As a student organiser of anti Vietnam War protests on the University of NSW campus, Graeme learned that the celebratory approach to citizen protest not only removes the need for violent confrontation as a way of getting noticed, it also wins hearts and builds cultural movement and community as it goes.

JESSIE BOYLAN has been making photographs since year 7 in Canberra, when sticking your fingers in chemicals all day wasn t questioned. Since learning about the effects of uranium mining on Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Australia, Jessie has been taken on a lifetime journey to help stop this devastating industry from destroying country and culture.

p.s. she really likes seaweed

p.p.s. she has nine toes


JOSH MACPHEE is an artist, curator and activist currently living in Troy, NY, USA. His work often revolves around themes of radical politics, privatisation and public space. His second book: Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority (AK Press, co-edited with Erik Reuland) was just published. He also organises the Celebrate People[1]ºs History Poster Series and is part of the political art collective

KEVIN BUZZACOTT is an Arabunna elder who has tirelessly campaigned for cultural recognition, social justice and land rights for Aboriginal people. The numerous campaigns he has initiated and led include those against uranium mining situated on Arabunna land and the exploitation of water from the Great Artesian Basin, a Peace Walk from Lake Eyre to the Olympic Games in 2000, and another in 2004 from

Roxby Downs Uranium Mine near Lake Eyre to Hiroshima, Japan. In 2001 he was awarded the prestigious Nuclear-Free Future Peace Prize in Ireland. In 2007 he was awarded the Australian Conservation Foundation s 2007 Peter Rawlinson Award for two decades of work highlighting the impacts of uranium mining and promoting a nuclear free Australia.

LOU SMITH is a Melbourne based poet who loves making zines and handmade books. She programmes the DIY Arts Show on 3CR Community Radio.

MATHEW KNEEBONE is unhappy with the world the way it is, so he lives upside down hoping to change it. These changes try to merge type and image into an idea with often clumsy, thumb throbbing results  &

MITCH: I m from Luritja and Eastern Arrernte clans around Alice Springs, NT. Grown up white, I ve worked as a cleaner, a cook, jillaroo then furthered my education. The more I got educated the more I became politically aware of what it really meant to be black in Australia. I completed Certificate III in Creative Writing then taught creative writing for two years at BIIT. I am currently involved with the fight against a uranium dump being put 14kms from my homelands and the rush for uranium mines profit. I sought permission from my elders on the Plenty Highway to talk up for my Grandfather s land, before starting a protest camp 22kms north of Alice Springs.

PETER KNEEBONE works for frontline, a Melbourne based design studio. He has a compulsive habit of making stuff, so he tries to do it with consideration and care. He likes developing ideas that enhance understanding, and improve communities and environments.

RODNEY DEKKER photographs fresh, eye-catching and dramatic documentary stories. In 2007 Rodney was a finalist of Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, Roving Eye: Expose Your World and Capture Magazine s Exposed Challenge.

ROSE TURTLE ERTLER is a musician who sometimes visits the world of drawing and sewing. She thinks that if you are going to make art, you might as well at least sometimes try to raise awareness about one of the many problems in this world that needs to be fixed.

RUSSELL KERR is an Artworker, Activist and Educator based in Melbourne, Australia. He creates hand-made, screenprinted posters for grass-roots political organisations and causes.

SIMON BENT grew up in Ocean Grove, a small town an hour and a half s travel from the city. Leaving it all behind as soon as he could to study design and live in Melbourne. Since then he has been working at several design studios as well as setting up his own company called continue.

TIM GROWCOTT is a Melbourne textile artist based in Brunswick. Combining graphic design with an interest in getting dirty, his main pastime is screen-printing fabric. Through the grit and toil he dreams of floral repeats for home and fashion, clean air and global redistribution of wealth.

TOM CIVIL is an activist, graphic designer and DIY artist.

VAN THANH RUDD believes that another world is possible. His art is an attempt at contributing to the fight against global capitalism and the horrors it inflicts upon those that are poor and disadvantaged. He has worked on artistic projects and collaborations with many activist groups within Australia and internationally.

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